Friday, December 30, 2011

Auld Lang Syne

This is the newest 1L monthly pose set from Sparrowtree Studios for January :)
I knew when I saw it, I had to get my bestie Eeva to be in it with since I will be spending my real New Years with her as well. I'm wearing Exile's New Years hair also. It was last year's group gift as well, but he has retextured it and sent it out again with 4 different colors. I'm wearing Autumn. My sweater and leggins are from Kyoot, both of which on 50L Friday items (the last ever! boo!) And my boots are from Vinyl Cafe, which are only 50L as well.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kudos to The French

New for GFW: The French Kiss Pose Set by Sparrowtree Studios. This is just one of the poses, each one is 30L. After wednesday the price will go to 60L so hurry there. The sets include scripted and non-scripted tongues, 2 for you to keep and 2 to give away. 

Once Upon A Time

Style Credits:

Hair: Shag The Girl Next Door - Nutmeg
Skin: Natural Beauty Larisa Winter Dream
Make-Up & Crown: DAMNED (OUAT Hunt)
Dress: Dashwood Laura Bridesmaid Dress - Sky (Advent Gift)
Nails: Rezlpsa Loc Pastels Ice Blue
Pose: Adorkable (Advent Gift)

Monday, December 26, 2011

these boots are made for walking...

Style Credits:

Hair: D!va Marie Type A Black Amber (Group Gift)
Skin: Natural Beauty Larisa - Winter Dream (Group Gift)
Tattoo: Endless Pain Tattoos (Depraved Hunt Gift)
Shirt: Shush Plushie Sweater Grey (Depraved Hunt Gift)
Jeans: Acid&Mala I <3 My Jeans Dark Blue (Past Group Gift)
Boots: Bootgasm Rodeo Cowboy Boots Red
Pose: Glitterati Fence (Free)

Sales Sales Sales

Style Credits:

Hair: LoQ Tiramisu - Light Brown (Free Group Gift)
Skin: Natural Beauty Tulip Medium (Everything in store 40L!)
Make-Up: DAMNED BlackSnowy (Depraved Hunt)
Earrings: Undefined Lilies - Wing Ding (Subsribo Gift)
Dress: Baiastice Tia (TDR Blue)
Nails: Croire Noire Edge
Shoes: Nardcotix Varela White (75% Entire Store)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Xmas

Style Credits:

Hair: Exile Maylee - Pecan
Make-Up: White~Widow Firtree
Earrings: Magic Nook - First Kiss Earrings (TDR)
Lingerie: BOOM Promise Bra & Panties (Group Gift)
Nails: PurpleMoon Winter Set (TTB Gift)
Shoes: PurpleMoon Lace Pumps in White (Group Gift)
Pose: Adorkable (Advent Gift)

Thursday, December 22, 2011


I'm really excited about Sparrowtree's new pose pack for La Venta Eventa tomorrow. She has set out this awesome Calendar Girls pose pack for just 100L (afterwards the price goes up to 250L). It includes 12 poses, 1 mod 2012 calendar to give away which you can put your own photos in and 1 to keep. Plus a bonus 2012 calendar featuring the girls of Sparrowtree Studios. This is an amazing deal for pose junkies like myself and DIY's.

Style Credits:

Hair: Shag - Pretty Please - Scarlet ( New Group Gift)
Necklace: Style Society - Winter Frost Lariat in Peridot (Depraved Gatcha Fair)
Bodysuit: HolliPocket Touch My Bodysuit in Taupe
Nails: Croire Noire Edge Nail Lacquer in Nude

I've been on a calendar, but I've never been on time.
Marilyn Monroe

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Style Credits:

Hair: Exile Esme - Maple
Skin: JesyLilo Lollipop - LightSkin (D&D Hunt)
Necklace: N-Creation Starry Night Necklace (Christmas Hunt 2)
Tattoo: Get A Clue - Xmas Collage (D&D Hunt)
Lingerie: Heartsick Frost Bra & Panties (D&D Hunt)
Shoes: BabyMonkey Shoes Ultimate Lottie Leopard (Advent Gift Day 7)
Pose: Adorkable (Advent Gift)

Style Credits:

Hair: Exile Anjette - Chocolate
Skin: Heartsick Devotion - Muse Au Naturel (D&D Hunt)
Earrings: Mustang Trading Post Snowflake
Bodysuit: 1 Hundred Babe Bodysuit (D&D Hunt)
Boots: BabyMonkey Shoes Fansara Scarlet (Advent Gift Day 4)
Pose: Adorkable (Advent Gift)

Style Credits:

Hair: EMO-tions Winter/brown (D&D Hunt)
Make-Up: Beautifully Grotesque Winter Chills (D&D Hunt)
Dress: Ducknipple Mole - Blue (D&D Hunt)
Boots: Ancayi Winter Carol Boots
Pose: Adorkable (Advent Gift)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

time is on my side....

Style Credits:

Hair: Head Mistress Sex Symbol - Black
Skin: Krasota - Fransuasa w/ cleavage (Depraved & Desolate Hunt Gift)
Bangles: Chop Zuey - The Eccentric Sumarai SLV Bracelet (D&D Gift)
Dress & Shoes: Sakide Scales Party Dress - White V2 (D&D Gift)
Pose: Sparrowtree Studios The Hands of Time (for GFW)

Monday, December 19, 2011


Style Credits:

Hair: Dark Mouse - Sydney Brown 4
Necklace: Ragdoll's Cut - Holly (Christmas Hunt 2)
Dress: PaperDoll Rudolph Green (12 Days of Xmas Hunt)
Boots: Bubble Winter Boots (Christmas Hunt 2)
Pose: Adorkable (Advent Gift)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

oh Johnny....

Style Credits:

Hair: Exile Esme - Roots Brownie
Dress: Nemesis - Romance Dress Teal (for TTB)
Pose: Sparrowtree Sudios (last weeks GFW)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

pretty pretty please

Style Credits:

Hair: Truth Brandi Mahogany
Skin: Natural Beauty Larisa
Jewelry: WTG Corsage-WG (POE4 Hunt)
Dress: Vinyl Cafe Gold & Blue Dream Gown (Old Dollarbie)
Pose: Adorkable Chill (With Love Hunt)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

i clean up nice...

Style Credits:

Hair: Magika Safe Pack 1 (New)
Skin: Lara Hurley - Oksana (With Love Hunt)
Necklace: Lolapop! Troika Necklace
Dress: Baiastice Priscilla Dress (With Love Hunt)
Shoes: Leverocci - Knox Wedges Icy Silver (With Love Hunt)
Pose: Adorkable (Advent Gift)

Style Credits:

Hair: Truth Abigail Mahogany
Skin: Atomic Grace - Mistletoe (With Love Hunt)
Dress: Reale With Love Dress (With Love Hunt)
Shoes: Baby Monkey Shoes Chukka (Advent Gift)
Pose: Adorkable Chill (With Love Hunt)

Style Credits:

Hair: Truth Brandi - Mahogany
Skin: Pink Fuel Alyx - Naughty (With Love Hunt)
Jewelry: Glow Studio Glossy Heart (With Love Hunt)
Nails: Rezlpsa Loc Orange Leaf
Dress: Paper Doll Sydney (With Love Hunt)
Shoes: Haut Monde - Natalee Black/Leopard (With Love Hunt)
Pose: Status (With Love Hunt)

Booty Toosh

This very sexy pose is from Sparrowtree Studios for the Moolto Sisters Hunt which kicks off tomorrow. The prizes are free but you have to be in the group to receive them. As soon as I saw the preview of the pose, I knew exactly what I wanted to wear with it. :) Truth's latest release, Helena is to die for.  I'm wearing caramel w/ roots. The skin is one Pink Fuel's hunt gifts for With Love, Again Hunt along with Nemisis' Winter Love ring and Nardcotix's Mana Moshi Glitter Heels. And this cute little bikini is from Insanya for the Christmas Hunt 2.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

With Love, Again

Style Credits:

Hair: Shag - Hello - Velvet
Skin: Essences Anka (With Love Hunt)
Earrings: U&R Dogs L'Olimpiade (With Love Hunt)
Sweater: Rezlpsa Loc Cut Out Sweater (With Love Hunt)
Jeans: Miamai Oz Jeans Femme (With Love Hunt)
Chair: oOo Studio (With Love Hunt)

I Love Frosty

A couple more hunt gifts... The snowman is a pose prop from Status. It's 45L in the Royal Living Magazine Snowman Hunt. And this really cute reindeer outfit is from Sakide for the Christmas Hunt 2 and is free.

Monday, December 12, 2011


Sparrowtree Studios newest release for the 12 Days of Christmas Hunt @ the Jersey Shore that starts tomorrow!. I think this is so cute and it makes me sad I live in Florida with no snow... lol. I've been hunting up a storm and am trying to get pictures along the way but it's definitely taking some time. :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

i dress for me :)

Style Credits:

Hair: Exile Olivia 2 - Chocolate
Necklace: Lolapop! Troika Necklace
Dress: The Secret Store Danae Dress - Coral 
Heels: Cool Beans Buckle Wedges - Coral
Pose: Glitterati The Rack

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Style Info:

Hair: Magika Candy (no longer available)
Skin: Natural Beauty - Larisa (old special for TFG)
Necklace: Needful Things - The Santa Sheep (where is? hunt)
Sweater: Piccara - My Christmas Sweater (where is? hunt)
Jeans: Aqua - Lowrise Unisex Jeans - Black
Boots: Delusions - Baby, Baby Oh Boots (where is? hunt)
Pose: Adorkable Advent Gift

Style Info:

Hair: Cool Beans Alyssa - Chocolate
Scarf: Pepper - Scarf Stripes (where is? hunt)
Nails: EY:NO Winter Nails (Where is? hunt)
Sweater: Onyx Wear Zachte Sweater - Baby Blue (where is? hunt)
Jeans: Happy Signature Jeans - Dark Blue
Shoes: Winter Fair - Winter Flats Gift
Pose: Sparrowtree Studios

Style Info:

Hair: Truth Becky - Mahogany
Earrings: Bellballs Essentials - Strung Beaded Earrings (for SBS)
Dress: Paper.Doll Peyton - Frozen (where is? hunt)
Shoes: Kristica - Malina Blue (where is? hunt)
Pose: Adorkable Advent Gift

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Winter Goodies

Style Credits:

Hair: Friday Apple Black
Skin: Al Vulo! May  Stardust Porcelain (Where is? Hunt)
Make-Up: Damned Winter (Where is? Hunt)
Necklace: Cheeky Teddy Necklace (Where is? Hunt)
Sweater: LuTimez Winter Sweater (Where is? Hunt)
Skirt: Dashwood - Red Bow Mini (Advent Gift)
Shoes: Death Row Designs Lazy Heel 2.0 White Xmas Canes (Where is? Hunt)
Pose: Diesel Works (Where is? Hunt)

Style Credit:

Hair: Shag Goodbye - Velvet
Skin: Krasota - Fransuasa Skin (Where is? Hunt)
Earrings: Magic Nook Bird of Paradise (1L)
Nails: Croire Noire Edge Nail Lacquer
Coat & Boots: PurpleMoon Zorali Coat and Ankle Boots in Zebra (POE4 Hunt)
Bodysuit: Belote Print Body (Where is? Hunt)
Pose: Adore & Abhor

Style Credits:

Hair: Shag - Thai Me Up - Velvet
Skin: Censored Valentina Skin/Fair (WF Freebie)
Earrings: Censored Guilia Earrings (TTB)
Dress: Bliss Couture Baila Sculpted Gown (Group Gift)
Pose: E.inK

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dancing With Bears

Style Credits:

Hair: Gauze Hunter Chestnut
Earrings: Magenta My Nature (TTB Group Gift)
Sweater: Fleshtone Cozy Reindeer Sweater (currently at TFG)
Leggings: Es'cusi My Winter Leggings
Boots: Free Winter Uggs Boots (can't remember where, sorry :( )
Nails: Rezlpsa Loc Minty Green
Pose: Adorkable Ice


Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Style Credits: 

Hair: Truth Nadia - Mahogany
Skin - Al Vulo - May - Ghost of the Past Porcelain
Tattoo: Delusions Kiss Me This Christmas (group gift)
Outfit: Pixel Perfect Productions Nightmare Flannel (Bad Santa Hunt Gift)
Shoes: Bubble Happy Christmas Set
Props & Pose: Sparrowtree Studios (New for GFW)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Winter Freebies

Style Credits:

Hair: Raspberry Aristocrat Chai Anxiety - Brown Obsession
Shawl: D-Style Cute Stripes (free @ Winter Fair)
Dress: Beautiful Dirty Rich Smexy Xmas (free @ WF)
Tights: PaperBag Hose (free @ WF)
Boots: Tentacio Winter Boots (free @ WF)
Skin: Al Vulo! Ghost of The Past - Porcelain (free @ WF)
Pose: Adorkable Pose 5 or 25

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Icy Hawt

Style Credits:

Floral Head Wreath: Adore & Abhor Just Kiss Me Already (free)
Hair: Truth Brandi - Mahogany
Dress: Agnes Finney Xmas Girl (New 10L)
Shoes: Cool Beans Plain Jane Pumps - White (Closed)
Pose: oOo Studios - Starstruck

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Style Credits:

Hair: Analog Dog Ladonna Nutmeg
Jewelry: Sn@tch Rose Cameo
Dress: PurpleMoon Mum Gown in Black
Shoes: DNR Vintage Vivian Pumps in Black
Birdcage: Ilaya The White Bird Cage

Friday, December 2, 2011

Yay Snow Day!

Style Credits:

Hair: Exile Olivia Chocolate

Sweater: Leri Miles Design Winter Seraphim Gift

Pose & Prop: Sparrowtree Studios for Grenade Free Wednesday

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Naughty Elf

Style Credits:

(On Me)
Hair: Luscious Locks Holly - Black Cherry
Earrings: *FG* Star Christmas Earrings
Outfit: Lucifer's Heart Elf This (for Peace on Earth Hunt)
Nails: Croire Noir Edge Nail Lacquer (free at SeraphimHQ)

(On Him)

Hair: MADesigns David - Light Brown (Menstuff Hunt)
Skin: Belleza Hunt Gift for Men Only Hunt
Shape: Anatomy Special Edition for SeraphimHQ
Necklace & Jeans: Rispetto Designs (Men Only Hunt)

Pose: Sparrowtree Studios New Monthly 1L Item

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kiss Me

First I would like to do a huge shout-out to Calypso Sparrowtree (of Sparrowtree Studios Poses) for being such an awesome store owner and designer. I recently snagged her Candy Cane 3 hunt prize but it was missing it's tattoo layer! Oh no! lol :) So I wrote out a quick NC and sent it to her (which is what anyone should do when they have a problem instead of just bitching about it in a group or on a blog ugh people). I logged out for a couple hours and when I got back I had a very apologetic message from her with the tattoo and a couple of goodies. I absolutely love any designer that is willing to help their customers out and doesn't take on a "oh well, sucks to be you" attitude. Ok now on to the photo!

Style Credits:

Hair: Exile Claire - Chocolate
Outfit: Barbie Princess Xmas Gift Set
Nails: Rezlpsa Loc Minty Fresh
Prop, Tattoo & Pose: Sparrowtree Studio 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Chunky Boy!

Style Credits:

Hair: [e] Fight - brown 08
Necklace: undefined lilies - teensy clutter
Sweater: =Zenith= Molly Top (baby pink)
Jeans: .:A&M:. I <3 my jeans - dark blue
Pose: (pda) Bryant Hotel
Giant Ornament: LISP Bizaar Giant Bauble

Friday, November 25, 2011

I'm a RockStar

Style Credits:

Hair: [Nikita] Bright Chained Hair - Sweet Mixed
Dress: Dashwood - Grey Sequin Tunic Dress
Nails: *Rezlpsa Loc* Red Leaf Nails
Mic & Pose: *elymode* Sing It