Thursday, April 11, 2013

7 SL Facts

Ever since MySpace I've always been a huge About Me Junkie.
I love filling out questionnaires, forms, etc. Even in my day-to-day
life. Medical forms, job applications, you name it. I'm really
sad I didn't find out about Berry's memes earlier, but have decided 
to start them from the beginning anyway. So let's begin with:

Seven SL Facts About ME

1) I have a tendency to hide and go offline for a couple months at a time.
Not for any particular reason. Sometimes I'm trying to catch up on books, tv shows (I once left to read and watch every single True Blood episode to catch up and recently did the same for Game of Thrones). Sometimes I'm just not feeling right and I need to just shut everything off and be alone for awhile. And I know that's ok to do for one's own well-being.

2) I don't like messaging my friends online, because I always feel like I'm
bothering them. Same in RL, it's very rare that I'll even text someone. I'm very shy and it's hard for me to start up conversations with anyone.

3) Even though I'm not a designer, and I have absolutely no idea what it takes to make something brand new I can be very judgemental, but I try not to be. I wouldn't want someone to see my pictures and say they're crap, but I tend to do that a lot when I see clothing that I don't like. But I guess everyone has their opinion.

4) SL is my shopping escape. I filed for bankruptcy a few years ago and can't go on the shopping trips like I used to. Now I can go online and buy almost anything with less money than it takes to buy one shirt at target.

5) I love going to the sex sims and trying to start an orgy lol. 
I get nothing out of it except a few good laughs.

6) I have no imagination whatsoever when it comes to roleplay 
and I admire the people that do.

7) For the most part I will always find SL kids creepy. But I do have a couple friends that are and I find them good people. I know there a few bad apples out there that take it to the weird side but I will now hold all judgement until proved otherwise.

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