Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Get Annoyed

So I actually thought it was gonna be really hard to do
Berry's Pet Peeves meme without overlapping everything she said. 
Then I started sim hopping around and really looking at the 
people around me. Yea it was pretty easy after that. It's hard to believe 
that after 10 years of SL people still walk around like this. I would say that after maybe 6 months you really should start getting the hang out of. And 
not still buy everything at Freebie Paradise. I was lucky when I first arrived that I met a good friend who gave me L and took me around to buy better stuff. I don't know if these people just don't want to put any RL money into
SL or all they do is hop around the sex clubs. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

My SL Pet Peeves

1) Yeah, pretty much EVERYTHING in this picture. No photoshop involved. I took it exactly as I see others do in their profile. It's 2013, but you wouldn't know it. From the old Flexi hair to the prim pointy boots. (And yes, I do remember this outfit, pretty sure I wore it my first couple of days.) And to top it off old skin and no AO.

2) Now I didn't mention the shape above cause that deserves it's own bullet point. I'm so tired of the fucking frown, big tits, and pony hips. It's not attractive at all. In fact I usually think they are guys behind the computer who put together what they think a woman should look like.

3) Designers putting me on the blogger subscribo without even asking.
And it's always new stores who use templates. For once I would love if I was
all of a sudden on say Hucci's blogger roll. But nope, it's always someone who just typed "blogger" in search and added everyone that came up.

4) Now this is a sore subject i know. Baby-talk. I get it if you want to relive your childhood through SL. That's all cool. My problem is 2-3-4 year olds who not only do the baby-talk, but they also form complete thoughts and sentences. No that shit doesn't happen. I barely understand a toddler in RL, so why can I for the most part understand you? And on the same subject: People who don't know how to spell!?! I'm talking about the people where English is their first language. I swear if I see one more person speak "ghetto talk" I will summon up Shakespeare from the dead to bitch slap them.

5) Last one: False vendor ads. I know I touched on this on the last post. But I know I'm not alone in hating the owners who photoshop the hell out of it to where the item is no longer recognizable. I'm talking about skins & clothes. I understand you want them to look good, but when I buy something I want
 it to look like the picture. 

And that's it for now. But those are definitely my biggest ones.
Thanks Berry for all these great memes you came up with
and I can't wait to try the next.


Strawberry Singh said...

Thanks for participating, I'm glad you're enjoying the memes!

Jessica said...

I don't think the sculpted hair with flexiprims is bad. Some of the best stuff Truth did was in 2010-2011 like that and I don't really like alot of the new mesh styles with swirls and flat plastic looks I keep seeing. Prim hair might bother me but I don't mind some flexi in there. Looks more natural than that hairspray look.

Everything else you wrote, I agree with.