Tuesday, April 23, 2013

fire goddess

Fantasy Faire is back!
It's almost half over, but you still got til the 28th to go
 see the amazing sims they laid out for us. I really
wanted to take some pictures there but unfortunately
for me nothing was rezzing on my end. I got a couple of outfits
but the second one did not look the way I thought it would.
Just another reason why I hate vendors that photoshop
the hell out of their items. But on the bright side this Queen's Dress by 22769 
is just as beautiful as I thought it was gonna be. And I think it looks great
paired with Emo-tions RFL item Sunburst in Fantasy Red. I added White Widow's Taurus eye makeup from Zodiac's new round to make 
my eyes pop a bit as well.

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